About us

Hallesche Bioölwerke GmbH, an enterprise of Ölwerke Halle GmbH, have their headquarters in the Port of Halle/ Saale and operate in the field of bio-diesel, glycerin and oil production as a midsize producer and provider for environment-friendly bio-diesel. Our unique and highly efficent technology allows us a sustainable production of bio-diesel using raw materials such as rapeseed oil and other waste vegetable oils. Our 20 employees produce about 60.000 MT of bio-diesel and 10.000 MT of glycerin per year in Halle. Being a future oriented enterprise, we partner with many main and independent corporations and international oil markets in the field of admixture.

Rules and responsibility..

We have always avowed ourselves to act according to the rules of good corporate governance and to take responsibility: Responsibility for the society in which the company evolves, and the responsibility to leave a clean environment behind for generations to come.

Our orientation:

Corporate Governance is at the core of decision making and controlling processes within our plant and for the production of bio-diesel and glycerin.

We act according to clearly defined ethical standards. A responsible corporate governance goes along with our long term value creation and strengthens the trust of partners, clients, employees, business partners, and the public.

We are progressive, act with caution and no haste in an environmentally justifiable manner.